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Update: Enrolling now for Term2 - we are at 18 x Auckland Venues for in-person classes click View Classes to see the full schedule. Online Only Classes are also available :) More info on Online classes here.
The only Art School in NZ teaching Realistic drawing to Kids Ages 5-14.
Now in 18 Auckland Areas!
Realisticus Art Classes in Aucklands for Children

Realisticus Art Classes

Learn to Draw Realistically and Creatively at our weekly after school & weekend art classes for Kids ages 5-14. Realistic Drawing Skills for Life.

Innovatorix Art Classes in Auckland

Innovatorix Art Classes

Learn to Design, Create and Innovate through drawing. Bring dreams to life, create fantasy worlds and creatures. Holiday Art Classes ages 6-14

Prize Giving & Kids Art Show in Auckland

Prize Giving & Art Show

At the end of the year we hold the biggest online Art Show & Fun Competition for Kids in Auckland with over 1000 entrees and lots of Prizes.

Realisticus Art Academy Drawing Lessons in Auckland

Join Us and Discover:

  • Realistic Drawing Skills
  • The Power of Visual Language
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Our Unique Programme
  • Guaranteed Results
  • Be The Best at Your School

Research shows that children become happier, more confident and achieve higher results at school, once they learn to communicate their ideas through drawing.
Children to Draw

Realisticus Art Academy Kids Art Show in Auckland
Realisticus Art Classes in Aucklands for Children

Learn from Reality and Create the World of your Dreams

Realisticus Art Academy Graduate Isabella Brazhnikova @isabellaclever
  • Weekly After School, Weekend Art Classes and Holiday Art Classes for Kids, make learning to draw, paint and create, fun and simple.

  • A unique program has been developed by Realisticus Art Academy to suit children from 5 - 14 years of age to give maximum results at every art class.

  • Children's Art Classes are set up to teach about Colour, Proportion, 3D effects, Composition, Creative Thinking, Shading, and Perspective in a FUN way.

Realisticus Art Classes for Children Dragon Eye Drawing Lesson

6 Reasons to Join Us

Kids Art Classes in Auckland Frog drawing lesson

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Realisticus Art Academy-Students Drawings and Painting

Do you have Trial Classes for term bookings?

All new student bookings at physical locations are covered by our "See it to Believe it" Satisfaction Guarantee* - We believe 100% in our Programme and have successfully taught it to over 6,000 students all over Auckland. So if within 10 days of your first booking date you choose not to continue, we'll provide you with a full refund of the booking fee, after deducting an Admin Fee. Does not apply to Online Classes.*Conditions Apply.

What age is it for? How many students in a Class?

Children's Art Lessons are suitable for Kids ages 5-14. Our programme has been specifically designed to suit a mixed group of Kids. They learn well together and individually reach new levels as they progress through our fantastic curriculum. The Classes are small only 12- 13 students per class.

Is it a special program?

Yes. Realisticus Art Classes & Innovatorix Art Classes are a part of our "Realisticus Creative Drawing Programme for Kids!" It is our special programme that has been developed for Children to learn all the major Realistic Drawing Skills in a fun way. Making all those amazing skills simple to learn, using a step by step method of teaching.

Should we be always on time?

Yes. All students must be on time. In the first 10 minutes of class the Tutor goes through the Theory and the Technique, so for your children to achieve the best results in class it is extremely important to come at least 5 minutes earlier.

Do you provide materials?

Yes. Most of the materials will be provided for you to use. Short Stationery list will be sent out to you on enrollment.

Are your tutors trained?

Yes. As we have a unique Creative Drawing Programme each Realisticus Art Tutor goes through a tough selection process. Only the best candidates are chosen to complete our comprehensive initial and ongoing Training. Realisticus Art Tutors are full of energy, excitement, enthusiasm and commitment to helping kids discover the amazing drawing skills they all possess.

NZ Art Academy Kids Art Show in Auckland

Top 10 Things Drawing Helps your Child to Do

communication 1. COMMUNICATE - One picture is worth a 1000 words. Visual language is an international language.
Innovation 2. INNOVATE - All Innovation starts with a Visual Idea - Vision
love 3. BE HAPPIER - Drawing the emotions you feel helps to deal with that emotion.
drawing 4. WRITE - Drawing develops great eye-hand coordination for handwriting.
observation 5. SEE - Great observation skill start with drawing.
memory 6. REMEMBER - Drawing helps with short-term memory and photographic memory development.
understanding 7. UNDERSTAND - Most man-made objects had been a drawing at some stage of the process of creation. Studying them through drawings helps us understand how they work.
concentration 8. CONCENTRATE - Making a good drawing takes time and patience, children learn to concentrate on a task for hours and truly enjoy it.
problem solving 9. PROBLEM SOLVE - When you draw you have a multitude of choices to make, each one leading to a different result. Developing critical thinking and problem solving skills.
creativity 10. CREATE - Ability to draw what you see, alter reality and create a fantasy world of your own!
Realisticus Art Academy Kids Art Show in Auckland