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Weekend Art Classes at Schools in Auckland Area.


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Weekly After School Art Classes for Kids make learning to draw, paint and create, fun and simple. A unique program has been developed for Art Academy to suit children from 5 - 12 years of age. Art Academy lessons for Children are not just fun and colorful, at our Art school, Children acquire Amazing Drawing Skills! We study reality and how to Draw realistically! At after school art classes children learn to see like an Artist, studying animals, landscapes, portraiture etc. Read More


Adult  Art Classes

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Saturday Art Classes for Children. All of our weekend and after school art classes for kids (5-12 years) teach practical drawing skills and help children create quality drawings. Children's Art Classes are set up to teach about Colour, Proportion, 3D effects, Composition, Creative Thinking, Shading, and Perspective. Skills they will need every day of their lives! At our art school every student's progress is tracked and at the end of the year an Achievement Certificate will be awarded, which shows you what the student has achieved. Read More


Children  Art ClassesArt Classes for Children in Auckland.

At Art Academy we have Drawing classes for Children of all ages in Auckland. You will learn how to draw realisticly with simple instructions.

Auckland Art Academy locations:

Term1 2015 Join After school art classes for Kids in Greenhithe, Browns Bay and Mairangi Bay in North Shore and West Harbour in West Auckland.
Other new locations opening around Auckland in 2015. Art Academy Classes for Children will open in Central Auckland, East Auckland and South Auckland.


What makes Auckland Art Academy and our Children's Art Classes so Different and Successful?
  • Art Academy developed a special programme for teaching children from 5-12yrs to Draw and Paint Realistically and Creatively.
  • At Children's Art Classes you study: Colour, Proportion, 3D effects, Composition, Creative Thinking, Attention to Detail, Shading, and Perspective all these Amazing skills!
  • Every student's progress is tracked during the year and an Achievement Certificate will be awarded for the new skill and level achieved.
  • Art lessons are split into Step by Step Instructions, making learning so much easier. The Art Tutor demonstrates each technique for the students.
  • Weekly Art Classes are kept small up to 12-13 students. Due to a small class size at our art school children get a lot of individual attention.
  • The students are pleasantly surprised with the result and their personal achievement.

Drawing what you see does not require any natural ability!
Drawing skills can be learnt easily with good instruction.



Children  Art Classes
Teens  Art Classes Adult  Art Classes At our Auckland Art School we study reality and that means looking at real objects like animals, landscapes, fruit, flowers, etc.

Main drawing skills at children's art classes taught in a fun way:

SHADING - Learning a variety of shading techniques using pencils, colour pencils etc.

COLOUR - Seeing true variations of colour in things. Applying the colours correctly.

TEXTURE - Studying the textures and patterns of the surfaces. Learning to Create the texture and surface that you see.

PROPORTION - Studying the objects visually, using various methods to draw things in proportion.

- Learning to draw an object to scale. We also learn how to double or triple the size of an object.

SYMMETRY - Noticing symmetrical objects, learning the technique to simplify the process of drawing such objects and paying attention when drawing.

COMPOSITION - Placing an object or objects on a page in a way to fit well inside the page, making it look more realistic.

PERSPECTIVE - Simple tips and tricks for getting objects in your drawing or painting in perspective.

3D EFFECTS - Putting together some of the skills we have learnt like Shading, Value and Colour to create a 3D Effect in our Drawing.

CREATIVITY, CREATIVE THINKING, DESIGN - To develop Creativity and Creative thinking at our art school we have created special drawing and painting exercises which encourage the children to use their imagination. Children apply some of the skills they have learnt earlier to show what they can do.

Wow so many Skills! Is it Possible? Yes all these can be learnt here at Auckland Art Academy in a Fun Atmosphere.

What Materials we use at Art Academy.

Main stationary for the year at Children's art classes: HB and 6B Pencils, we also use watercolour colouring pencils and A3 Bockingford Sketch Pad - 60 page. This stationery is the basic stationery our students are required to bring to class.

All other stationary is provided at after school art classes for kids: Oil Pastels, Markers, Paints, Dyes, Brushes, Canvases, Craft paper etc.


Myth: “You have to be Artistic or have Special Talent to make quality Art...”

Fact: “Being able to express yourself Artistically is simply a skill that can be taught.”

Myth: “If I have never done drawing in my life I will not be able to draw a beautiful picture...”

Fact: “Anyone can draw or paint reality with good instruction.”

Myth: “To paint you have to have a crazy imagination like Van Gough... “

Fact: “ First learn to depict Reality then your personal style will develop. It is a natural process.”

Myth: “All art workshops and classes teach people to splash the paint around on the canvas, and tutors are not very involved...”

Fact: “ Art Academy has a step by step strategy to teach you Art Skills.”

Fact: “Art skills are best taught through demonstrations and guidance by an Art Tutor. ”

Fact: " Nine out of ten adults say they don't like drawing or do not know how."

Fact: " Most children love painting and drawing and can not imagine life without depicting what they see and care about."

Fact: " What makes the artists different from other people is not that they "can draw" but it is their ability to "Really See" the subject they are depicting."

Fact: “ Where there is a Will there is a Way.”


"At Art Academy it is our pleasure to teach you Realism, as Realism is the pathway to all styles. Leonardo Da Vinci was teaching his students painting the figure of Mona Lisa, demonstrating his techniques so well that his students were able to achieve beautiful results. Leonardo encouraged students to draw and paint from realistic reference and observe the world around them." Elena Esina - Art Academy Artist and Tutor

Try out Realistic Drawing Programme and watch your child discover:

Our research shows that children become happier, more confident and achieve higher results at school, once they learn to communicate their ideas through drawing.


Art Academy Kids Art Show 2014, Auckland
Elena Esina